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Company overview

NextPay have a solid relationships with a variety of payment service providers all over the world. We screen the payment market to give you an accurate picture about all the different payment processing and banking options. We pre-apply on behalf of you with hundreds of payment providers and banks, at once. With NextPay you are guaranteed effective online payment solutions and a customer first mentality. From global money transfers to full exchange services –NextPay is here to help.

We find out who would accept your business and what fees are you offered – so you can make an informative decision about your options. Assisting high risk industries (financial services, forex, blockchain, crypto, gaming; betting, adult, vaping, CBD, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplies, VOIP and VPN, multi level marketing, etc) startups, and low turnover merchants, our acceptance rate is over 95%.

How long does it take to get approved ? – It takes 24-48 hours. Set up and Launch will be immediate upon approval. Our forms are easy to fill in, it only takes few minutes . All you need is to reach out our team and your dedicated account manager will immediately help you with any queries or issues. Ready to start processor integration?

NextPay continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We have been working hard on becoming a secure and credible partner to your business.

Our Vision

We believe that managing your business finances should be easy and efficient. Our leading technology, combined with outstanding customer support, allow businesses to complete efficient financial transactions around the globe. Sending money should be stress-free, low cost and secure – no matter how far it’s traveling. 

Our Values

Our hassle-free money management platform is tailored to your business needs and designed to provide you with a full suite of payment solutions. We are determined to go the extra mile and help your business grow.

How we work


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Donald Simpson
Chairman, Bluewater Corp
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